About Us

Afri-Pearl Collection is a handmade creative project in Uganda (East Africa) whose concept was stimulated by the growing demand for eco-conscious and repurposed products in the Region and globally coupled with the high youth unemployment rate in Uganda. We feature a collection of artisan products handmade in Uganda by majorly young people and women, promoting fare trade and improving livelihoods.

Our name is derived from our beloved country Uganda which was named by Winston Churchill as the pearl of Africa because of its magnificence, it’s possession of a variety of form, color and it’s profusion of brilliant life that include; Bird, insect, reptile, and beast on a vast scale that makes it a fairy tale. The scenery is different, the climate is different and most of all, the people are different from anything elsewhere to be seen in the whole range of Africa.
Support our ongoing production of unique products created by the incredibly talented and resilient youth from across the slums in Uganda’s wealthiest communities in terms of its diversity, vibrancy and entrepreneurship. Our youth come from communities considered to be Uganda’s poorest slum neighborhoods located in the capital city, Kampala that houses thousands of undeserved and impoverished Ugandans and refugees from several surrounding countries, while it also houses one of the country’s largest and most vulnerable populations of youth and children.

Our Mission

To meet the increasing national and worldwide demand for eco-conscious and repurposed products by creating one fellow’s garbage another fellow’s treasure, while concurrently providing eco-friendly, educative and employment opportunities for Uganda’s most vulnerable youth.

Our Vision

To link African Crafts & Fabrics making to community development so that the buyer’s ‘’dollar’’ impacts the lives of those who create them and their families whilst conserving the environment because they benefit directly.

Dealers in; African Crafts & Fabrics


Our materials are got from re-purposed large PVC banners used for marketing. After some time the bright, eye-catching banners typically become waste and potential pollutants harmful to the Earth. Afri-Pearl collects this ‘garbage’ and turns it into a fashion-forward collection of beautiful bags and other accessories that meet the requirements of any lifestyle.


This is the most significant part of African crafts sold in our shop. African jewellery is often hand made with materials such as paper, glass, soapstone, bronze, gold, copper, thread, straws, wood and so much more. Many of these materials are carefully transformed by artistic hands into necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bungles, rings and anything. You can even have an order made in your design.


Africans have always been creative in their attire and cultural garments. Some fabrics are transformed with an Africa touch of batik dying, hand prints, screen printing and other designs to show creativity and portray African lifestyles. Printings on fabric are normally made with wax and dyes into vibrant shades depending on the customer’s preferences. Many of the African clothes are 100% cotton. Some of the popular fabrics are Masai shuka, kanga from Tanzania, Kitenge from DR Congo and the backcloth from Uganda. The designs are very colorful that you must buy a piece. You can also get these fabrics on bags, purses and other items


Art pieces and paintings are made on wood using colors and iron pieces to cut designs in wooden pieces. Many pieces of wood are made into sculptures, masks and game boards for house décor and exhibitions. Some wooden pieces are inspired by Africa lifestyles and cultures besides the creativity of artisans.


Some of the cherished pieces of African crafts are the different items made from clay. Some of these include flower pots, tiles, cups, saucepans, dishes, basins and so much more. To make a good piece to sale from clay, many artisans finish off their paintings with artistic designs and paintings. There are often used for interior décor and gardening!

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Many tourists on safaris in Uganda want to carry a piece of Africa home with them at the end of their trip. Souvenirs such as art & crafts, carvings, baskets, weavings, African fabrics and already made attires are usually the best souvenirs to carry home with you and most of them are got from our shop.
You want to get an idea of what African crafts look like, you may search for African crafts online and get a set of pictures to show the different items made from every part of Africa or still contact any travel agent for a catalog of the best pieces made by African hands! Watch out for creative designs and contemporary art while doing your shopping for African art & crafts.


If you are asked to describe African Crafts, you’ll probably not have enough time to exhaust the range of items that fall under this category. They include many things from sculptures to hand printed fabrics! As everyone knows, there are the arts-pieces of African paintings and the crafts made from anything like P.V.C banners, paper, stone and everything you can think of! For most people visiting Africa for their first time or another time, they will always stop at our shop selling art and crafts to get souvenirs for their trip or buy something unique for their loved one back at home. For every country you visit in Africa, there are particular items sold as African art and craft piece that often portray their unique cultures, people and lifestyle.